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Nestled among the Friulian hills, in the North East of Italy, just 100 km far from Venice, there is the village of Polcenigo. Here, more than 100 years ago, Oasis was born and here it still has its headquarters.
The company is owned by the Quaia family, who have been leading it with passion and pride for four generations. Strategic success has been achieved by combining a clear corporate identity with the experience of a strong Italian manufacturing tradition and the ambitious, daring choices for future developments.
Oasis offers a broad range of furniture collections for Home and Bathroom ambiances, all 100% hand-made in Italy, and coordinated interior design solutions. The Project Division was created specifically to provide for the specific, bespoke requirements of hospitality and commercial projects.
 The company’s traditional approach along with a keen eye for quality and fine materials, and the use of cutting-edge technologies are the features which ensure maximum production flexibility.
 Oasis Group is now present in over 25 countries worldwide,  including, between the others, Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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The Oasis Style

Oasis designs more than simply furniture. Oasis aims to propose a complete and coordinated interior design, inspired by an idea: the sense of Art Deco-manner beauty. 
Icons like Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiapparelli – in fashion, modernist architectures, stylized decorations – are the reference of the Oasis world. The decorative lines, brilliant colours and metals and sensual contours are the characterizing features of that artistic period which could be also found in Oasis collections as a unifying threat. 
Nevertheless Oasis also looks at the decades of great Italian design and architecture – from the ’30s to the ’50s of Twentieth Century – to catch the secret of blending different raw materials in a new, unique and universal design.
 Moreover, the great Italian heritage of skillful craftsmen gives the final touch to the proposal. Oasis believes in the high values of artisanal tradition: thus it collaborates with 30 workshops, specialized in the manufacturing of glasses, mirrors, metals and gold.

Bathroom Collection

The Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis is an ode to the Art Deco period: it takes its main inspiration from the ‘20s and from the sophisticated “salle de bains” of the aristocratic villas dating back to the beginning of 1900s.
 From that style, the Luxury Collection has seized the sensual and arabesque-like lines, the luxurious and refined atmosphere, the combination of different yet precious materials, as marble with metals or glass beside lacquers.
 The carefully-chosen colours are warm, intense and exotic, inspired both by the Far East culture and by the velvets of European Renaissance’s gowns. From brocades and from the Arabic decorations Oasis has taken the decorative elements, such as the ribbed finish, the front doors’ appliques, the washbasins’ and taps’ shapes, the pretty and deeply decorative handles.
 The complements, which integrate the Collection, instill a final precious touch recreating an authentic Deco-manner ambiance. An ancient taste and a timeless elegance thus pervade the “salle de bains”, where

“nothing is more necessary than superfluous things”

(O. Wilde).

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Bathroom Collection

The Master Collection is the line dedicated by Oasis to the bathrooms which require a modern and minimal taste: extreme purity is the leading characteristic defining this range.
 The synthesis of pure lines and rigorous volumes, as those of a classical Greek statue, convey the essential soul of this collection. Light colours, lacquered and mirrored surfaces, chromed finishes definitively reference to a contemporary and urban spirit.  The modern taste of these elements, next to the materiality of wooden finishes, available in soft and dusty hues, evoking the nature and the essentiality of the raw timber, exalt each other.
 The blending between synthetic finishes and the wooden grain, its warm sensation against the cool and smooth glass surfaces, the play of light among the brilliant lacquered finishes, the satinized tops and the opaque wooden surfaces bring to life a product, so refined and elegant because of its essentiality.
 Master is thus a line addressing to those who think that “the opposites attract each other”. 
For a stronger affiliation with the fashion world, the company offers a range of trendy colours, exclusive by Oasis, available for both vanity units, bathtubs and storage units, as well as for coordinated complements from the Home collection.

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Together with the Bathroom Collections, recently Oasis has introduced the line dedicated to the living environments. The Home Collection is an indispensable addiction to the company philosophy, devoted to the creation of coordinated ambiances inspired by a refined, international taste. 
The proposals show modern products, where sharp lines, cold colours and essential materials dominate, conveying a minimal style fitting the Master Bathroom Collection. There are also decorative and refined items of furniture, inspired by Art Deco as well as by the Luxury Bathroom Collection: they feature fluid contours, full colours and lacquered surfaces, which catch the eye with their exclusive and elegant effects.
 The selection of fabrics and leathers – suitable for sofas, chairs, for small tabletops and for the front-drawers of consoles in Deluxe edition – is wide and sophisticated, and adapts itself well both to classical and more modern solutions.
 The painstaking attention to detail and the careful artisanal manufacture of every product are a straight and a great pride for Oasis, a company where

“details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”

(L. da Vinci).

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Contract Project division

To manage a contract project does not mean only to furnish a location. It means to sew a bespoke gown on a place, to create a specific and lively atmosphere, to be part of people’s experiences. 
Thanks to a leading team of architects and export managers, exclusively dedicated to hospitality, commercial and residential projects, since the 2000s Oasis has made of Project Division one of its main strengths.
 Oasis efforts in designing coordinated interiors according to high expectations, in manufacturing customized items of furniture, both in sizes and in finishes, and in coordinating different suppliers to create a unique, recognizable taste, has been prized by a long list of successful creations. 
For many years Oasis has managed contracts for luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes, prestigious residences, retail boutiques of high-profile fashion brands all over the world.
Thanks to a high skill of creating bespoke solutions, characterized by elegant mood and precious atmospheres, Oasis has thus achieved a worldwide leading role for contract projects in the sign of totally made in Italy furniture and interior design.
 A contract interior design project is certainly the best place ever to experience the Oasis world.

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