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Oasis is proud to present its new Master range, designed to blend modern styling with an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. With the idea of designing a model which is easy to customize but at the same time truly distinctive, we have created Dresscode collection, in which the blend of unusual colours and finishes is highlighted by the geometric forms and 45° angles. Surfaces joined by special 45° joins, as well as a blend of different materials and finishes, are at the same time elegant and modern, and are designed to suit every type of bathroom.

Catalogues and Downloads

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Product plus


Dresscode makes an atmosphere of elegance and refinement


easy to customize


unusual colours and finishes


geometric forms and 45° angles


blend of different materials and finishes


Materials and Finishes

Fenix Dresscode finishes

Steel Grey Steel Grey
Green Green
Black Black
Trim Grey Trim Grey
Castoro Castoro
Grey Grey
London-Grey London-Grey
White Ice White Ice
White White

Leather Dresscode finishes

PN 033 PN 033
PN 031 PN 031
PN 003 PN 003
PM 023 PM 023
PM 018 PM 018
PM 015 PM 015
PL 022 PL 022
PL 021 PL 021
PB015-RB015 PB015-RB015
PB 013 PB 013
PB012-RB012 PB012-RB012
PB011-RB011 PB011-RB011
PB010-RB010 PB010-RB010
PB009-RB009 PB009-RB009
PB008-RB008 PB008-RB008
PB007-RB007 PB007-RB007
PB006-RB006 PB006-RB006
PB005-RB005 PB005-RB005
PB004-RB004 PB004-RB004
PB003-RB003 PB003-RB003
PB002-QB002 PB002-QB002
PB001-RB011 PB001-RB011

Wood Dresscode and Eden finishes

Ammara Ebony Ammara Ebony
White Ash White Ash
Carved Oak Carved Oak
Rovere Black silver Rovere Black silver
Makassar Makassar
Black Oak Black Oak
Moka Oak Moka Oak
Dark Mahohany Dark Mahohany
Black gold Oak Black gold Oak
Smoke Oak Smoke Oak
Hearth Oak Hearth Oak
Hearth gold Oak Hearth gold Oak
Hearth Silver Oak Hearth Silver Oak
Sand Oak Sand Oak
Sucupira Sucupira
Walnut Walnut
Walnut Carved Walnut Carved
White Oak White Oak

Lacquered glossy and matt

Forest Forest
Ghiaccio Ghiaccio
Grigio Medio Grigio Medio
Lilla Lilla
Lino Lino
Malva Malva
Cobalto Cobalto
Mint Mint
Navy Navy
Nero Nero
Pearl Pearl
Petrolio Petrolio
Powder Powder
Prugna Prugna
Rosso Carminio Rosso Carminio
Rosso Ekalea Rosso Ekalea
Smoke Smoke
Tortora Tortora
Viola Viola
Vulcano Vulcano
Marsala Marsala
Cioccolato Cioccolato
Cemento Cemento
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Brown Brown
Bianco Bianco
Beige Beige
Avorio Avorio
Avio Avio
Antracite Antracite
Metallic prosecco Metallic prosecco
Metallic light grey Metallic light grey
Metallic dark grey Metallic dark grey
Metallic gold Metallic gold
Metallic gianduia Metallic gianduia
Metallic bronze Metallic bronze

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