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Oasis Master Mirrors

Oasis selection of mirrors specifically dedicated to the Oasis Master Bathroom Collection includes standard mirrors and mirror cabinets, available in different shapes and sizes, for every interior design style.
All Master Bathroom Mirrors feature clear yet elegant lines and practical elements.
The wide selection aims to satisfy the needs of both modern and traditional settings, furnishing the spaces according to individual taste.
The mirror cabinets are equipped with satin glass inner shelves; Victoria, Basic and Kelly models also feature mirror on the inside. Opening systems include actual doors – the Oasis-personalized high quality hinges open to an angle of 125° – and even sliding lateral compartments.
The brand new “Flamingo” mirror deserves a particular mention. Its name is inspired by the enchanting pink bird and, as such, it boasts two wide lateral wings equipped with led lights, which embrace the user as he/she looks into the mirror.
Fashioned from the finest materials and displaying quality in every detail, Oasis mirrors offer a combination of minimal lines and contemporary features, which work in perfect harmony with the furniture designs to achieve an endless array of unique and inspiring compositions.

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