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Eden Ribbed Glass

Offering an elegant and refined aesthetic, Eden is the most recent addition to the Oasis Master Bathroom Collection. One of its defining characteristics is a decorative band behind the drawer opening which can either harmonize or provide visual and tactile contrast with the structure. Modern and clean-lined, Eden comes in a wide variety of finishes.

In Ribbed Glass, Eden takes on a luxurious, elegant, and “on-trend” dimension. Whether glossy or matt, these materials highlight the clean pure lines of its timeless design. The elegance of the fluting is highlighted thanks to a choice of 36 colors and complemented by glass integrated basins, to a seamless visual effect.

The Eden Collection is modular in design, thereby ensuring optimal use of space within the bathroom. In addition to vanities, there are tall units, wall units, open shelf wall units, and mirrors, all designed to form a coherent and sophisticated ambiance.

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elegant and refined aesthetic


with a decorative metal band, in chrome or gold finish


available in a large variety of finishes


the complete range includes suspended tall units, wall units, open shelving wall units and mirrors


Materials and Finishes


Marsala Marsala
Metallic prosecco Metallic prosecco
Metallic light grey Metallic light grey
Metallic gold Metallic gold
Metallic gianduia Metallic gianduia
Metallic dark grey Metallic dark grey
Metallic bronze Metallic bronze
Vulcano Vulcano
Viola Viola
Tortora Tortora
Smoke Smoke
Rosso Ekalea Rosso Ekalea
Rosso Carminio Rosso Carminio
Prugna Prugna
Powder Powder
Petrolio Petrolio
Pearl Pearl
Nero Nero
Navy Navy
Mint Mint
Cobalto Cobalto
Malva Malva
Lino Lino
Lilla Lilla
Grigio Medio Grigio Medio
Ghiaccio Ghiaccio
Forest Forest
Cioccolato Cioccolato
Cemento Cemento
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Brown Brown
Bianco Bianco
Beige Beige
Avorio Avorio
Avio Avio
Antracite Antracite

Metals - Bathroom

Gold Gold
Cromo Cromo

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