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Oasis Projects Division manages with passion complete and coordinated interior design projects for hospitality, retail and residential destinations of use. Manufacturing, high quality furniture could be designed and customized on request using specific fabrics, colours and finishes.
Oasis contract service is particularly clever and passionate about interpreting tastes and wishes and capable of creating for each one bespoke products and ambiences. Oasis assures for every product high quality and artisanal manufacturing employing precious and tasted raw materials and the Italian, skillful craftsmanship.


Due to coordinated finishes and a distinguishable deco style, Oasis Home and Bathroom Collections are the perfect solution to furnish a house. However, if it is not enough, Oasis Contract Division for residential projects will able to turn a house into a “home”. A wide range of decorations and accessories – from wall-coverings to lighting, from canvas to flooring – on catalogue, on request or site-specific designed will match perfectly with the furniture creating a warm and lively ambiance, entirely bespoke and customized on client’s taste.

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The Oasis Project Division devoted to hospitality projects takes extreme care in designing, furnishing and decorating ambients to create coordinated, recognizable and sophisticated atmospheres. Every project is exclusively tailored, and designed on clients’ taste and desires, to create customized interior design, to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Restaurants, hotels and cafes also require specifically designed items of furniture, necessary to satisfy both practical functions and decorative desires, which Oasis and its leading team are able to plan and to manufacture with excellent results and on time.

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Oasis contract division also provides for commercial purposes, addressed to retail projects. Oasis furniture, hand-made entirely in Italy by skillful artisans using high quality raw materials, successfully espouse the best fashion brands boutiques as those of other elegant, sophisticated retail realities. Refined furniture, bespoke finishes, fabrics and accessories will transform a shop into a pleasant experience of life – and a better buying experience – where the clientele will be lovely pampered.

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