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An Italian story


The company is a century-old family business characterised by courage, tradition and a strong identity. It has market presence in more than 25 countries, the main ones being: Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States. The Oasis production portfolio includes a wide range of furniture collections for the Home, the Bathroom and the Contract industry for the construction of projects for both residential and professional purposes.

Oasis is a century-old family business characterised by courage, tradition and a strong identity.


The Home line is completely revised and relaunched with the aim of offering, under the Oasis label, a complete and coordinated luxury interiors package inspired by the language of cosmopolitan and contemporary style.


The year sees monobrand flagship showrooms opening in both London and Hong Kong.

Francesca Quaia

The eldest, Francesca, is the first to work alongside her father in the business.
By assuming responsibility in 2001 for the commercial direction of the company, is pivotal in steering it along the road to internationalisation.

Federica Quaia

Second daughter Federica, having specialised in the worldwide branding of luxury goods, takes over all aspects of image and communication within the company in 2006, thus assuming marketing and artistic control.

Lorenzo Quaia

Third-born Lorenzo completes the transition to the fourth generation in 2008. Specialising in project research and development as well as highly technical products, he becomes head of the technical production division.

The New Millennium

At the turn of the Millennium, an impetus of change, of fresh new ideas, sweeps through the company in the form of the next generation, Francesco’s three children: Francesca, Federica and Lorenzo.


During the flurry of the Eighties, Francesco Quaia establishes the Oasis brand, branching out into the production of bathroom furniture which thereafter becomes part of the company offer.


Arredamenti Quaia participates in the Salone del Mobile, Milan for the very first time.
The accompanying burst of innovation marks a turning point for the company which sets its sights on ever broader horizons.


Francesco, Bernardo’s son, builds a factory and creates - using his surname - an actual brand. Together with his brother Floriano, he sets up Arredamenti Quaia.


Bernardo Quaia, son of Floriano, sets down the foundations of a company where the first pieces of decorative furniture would later be developed.


Floriano Quaia opens his first carpentry workshop: a small studio where furniture is made with the aim of lasting a lifetime.

Oasis, a story in time

Oasis offers a broad range of furniture collections for Home and Bathroom environments, all 100% hand-made in Italy, and representing coordinated interior design solutions.

The Company

Oasis offre un'ampia gamma di collezioni di mobili per gli ambienti Bagno e Casa, fatti al 100% in Italia, con tutti gli arredi e accessori coordinati. La divisione Project è stata specificamente creata per seguire le esigenze di personalizzazione dei progetti contract, sia commerciali sia residenziali. L'approccio tradizionale dell'azienda alle lavorazioni, unito a una chiara comprensione della qualità e dei materiali, così come delle possibilità offerte dalle nuove tecniche di lavorazione, sono le chiavi per fornire la massima flessibilità di produzione. Ad oggi, Oasis Group è presente in oltre 25 paesi al mondo, tra cui possiamo citare Russia, Ucraina, Francia, Svizzera, Belgio, Inghilterra e Germania.


Oasis offers so much more than a selection of furniture. Indeed, the company aims to propose a complete and coordinated interior design, inspired by an idea: the beauty of 1900. Icons like Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiapparelli – in fashion, modernist architectures, stylised decorations – are the reference of the Oasis world. The decorative lines, vibrant colours and metals and sensual contours are the characterising features of that artistic period which could be also found in Oasis collections as a unifying thread. Nevertheless Oasis also looks at the decades of great Italian design and architecture, from the 1930s to the 1950s, to capture the secret of blending different raw materials in a new, unique and universal design. Moreover, the great Italian heritage of skillful craftsmen gives the final touch to the proposal. Oasis believes in the high values of artisanal tradition: thus it collaborates with 30 workshops, specialised in the manufacture of different types of glass, mirrors, metals and gold.

A story of creativity, passion and emotions.

Timeless Elegance

Such is the description often attributed to the style and character of the Oasis brand whose products are born of a constantly evolving material and design research focus with the ultimate aim of satisfying the differing needs and desires of clients from diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as capturing yet always keeping one step ahead of the prevailing trends.

Oasis gets inspiration in design, fashion, filmography and architecture.

Luxury Collection

The Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis is an ode to the Art Deco period: it takes its main inspiration from the ‘20s and from the sophisticated “salle de bains” of the aristocratic villas dating back to the beginning of 1900s.
 From that style, the Luxury Collection has seized the sensual and arabesque-like lines, the luxurious and refined atmosphere, the combination of different yet precious materials, as marble with metals or glass beside lacquers.

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Luxury Collection

Master Collection

The Master Collection is the line dedicated by Oasis to the bathrooms which require a modern and minimal taste: extreme purity is the leading characteristic defining this range.
 The synthesis of pure lines and rigorous volumes, as those of a classical Greek statue, convey the essential soul of this collection. Light colours, lacquered and mirrored surfaces, chromed finishes definitively reference to a contemporary and urban spirit.

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Master Collection

Home Collection

Together with the Bathroom Collections, recently Oasis has introduced the line dedicated to the living environments. The Home Collection is an indispensable addiction to the company philosophy, devoted to the creation of coordinated ambiances inspired by a refined, international taste. 
The proposals show modern products, where sharp lines, cold colours and essential materials dominate, conveying a minimal style fitting the Master Bathroom Collection.

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Home Collection

Lighting Collection

Lighting is a fundamental component in architecture; expert knowledge of its techniques can transform a room and the design of the lamps themselves can influence and dictate its style. The Oasis Lighting collection features many different materials, such as wood, fabrics, metal and crystal, all finished with that painstaking attention-to-detail with which the brand has become synonymous. ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship, as exclusive as it is exquisite, is an integral part of each and every item.

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Lighting Collection

Infinite Possibilities

During the last quarter of a century Oasis has manufactured a significant number of interior solutions for residential and commercial clients as well as for those in the hospitality industry.
The company has collaborated worldwide with some of the leading professionals and brands in the sector (i.e. Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Tiffany, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brooks Brothers). During this period Oasis has established an organisation equipped to deal with the most sophisticated and ambitious of projects on a bespoke tailor-made basis.

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