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When referring to the ‘Made in Italy’ phenomenon that has found favour across the world, this does not merely indicate ‘of Italian provenance’. The ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Italian lifestyle’ label refers to a number of factors, a combination of that beauty, exquisite craftmanship, creativity and design that are univerally held in such high esteem. All these qualities combined account for the ‘value added’ element of Italian products which are recognisable by the unicity and originality they bring to an environment along with a strong sense of character and style. Harmony, passion, professionalism and an enterprising spirit are the key principals behind the Oasis look, a style perfectly suited to those who, despite the speed and frenzy of modern day life, still appreciate a more sedate and leisurely pace.

Oasis style is inextricably intertwined with the history of this fourth generation family company that continues to demonstrate foresight and ambition, with – at the helm – three siblings working in perfect harmony. Its guiding light is the concept of hospitality in the widest sense of the term. For Oasis, defining a style means integrating it into the cultures of the 25 countries in which the brand is present, by adapting products to reflect regional aesthetic tastes whilst not losing sight of its own very distinctive identity. The warm welcoming spirit that underlies this friulian company is echoed in its abilty to create settings that are totally customisable, true to the culture of the country in which their products are marketed yet maintaining that soul, substance and quality so indicative of being entirely hand-made in Italy. Every year, the in-house R&D department – in association with the art director – establishes a series of trend indicators, thereby setting finish and colour trends both in the home market and overseas, as reflecting the timeless elegance of the Art Déco movement. Expert combinations of materials, all constantly reviewed, ensure the creation of ‘Oasis style’ atmospheres which are luxurious yet comfortable and which, despite being instantly recognisable from the detail and craftsmanship, can ‘change their skin’ in accordance with the setting.

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