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Antonina is a family of lamps in which the clearly contemporary style becomes a form of aesthetic expression. The central element of the Federico Peri design is the structure that winds spirally around the column, like the Column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome, which is also known as the “Antonina” column in Italian – hence the name of the collection.

The Antonina family of lamps was engendered by the desire to marry contemporary taste with a unique and original design that is enhanced by the mixture of different materials such as walnut, bronze-effect metal, and glass that are combined together with skilled craftsmanship.

The Antonina family consists of standard lamps with or without a lighting appendage, wall lamps, and table lamps of different sizes. They are all designer products that are defined in space as true works of art, which have distinctive features to match any type of setting.

The metal structure with a bronze finish acts as a rest for standard and table lamps as if it were a slender pedestal from which the contrasting solid wooden column emerges. The latter supports the opal glass containing the LED light that faces upwards in the standard and wall lamp versions and in one of the table lamp versions or downwards in the second table lamp version.

The environment and reading version have dual lights owing to the presence of a spotlight secured to the lamp by a leather belt, a detail reflecting great craftsmanship.

The three materials – metal, wood, and glass – that make up the lamp structure define its simplicity and material elegance, a perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, a characteristic of Oasis that combines centuries of history with the evolution of taste.

Like any Oasis creation, also Antonina reinterprets culture and tradition, in a continuous contemporary reflection. It is an essential and transverse element that lightens different environments with simplicity and poetry.

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diverse material combinations such as walnut, bronze metal, glass and leather


contemporary tastes with a unique and original design

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Antonina Collection

Smooth decoration Smooth decoration
Walnut Walnut
Bronzo Bronzo

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