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Sofa is available in three sizes with solid oak or beech wooden base; it is available in wooden or lacquered finishes.
The structure is made of plywood panels covered by polyurethane foams with cellulose wadding external layer.
All the polyurethane foams used are top quality and at different density; they are secured directly on to the elastic belts.
Backrest cushion and decorative cushion made of goose.
The seat consists of a base in polyurethane foams, of goose for fabrics versions or in Memory foam for leathers versions.
The external side is made in Dacron.
Fabric or leather covering is removable.

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Product plus


Basic modules in three sizes


Standard perimetral piping


Removable upholstery


Decorative pillows

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Materials and Finishes

Leathers - Bathroom

PB003-RB003 PB003-RB003
PB002-QB002 PB002-QB002
PB005-RB005 PB005-RB005
PB004-RB004 PB004-RB004
PB009-RB009 PB009-RB009
PB008-RB008 PB008-RB008
PB007-RB007 PB007-RB007
PB010-RB010 PB010-RB010
PB001-RB011 PB001-RB011
PB006-RB006 PB006-RB006
PB011-RB011 PB011-RB011
PM 018 PM 018
PM 023 PM 023
PN 033 PN 033
PL 022 PL 022
PM 015 PM 015
PN 031 PN 031
PN 003 PN 003
PL 021 PL 021
PB012-RB012 PB012-RB012
PB 013 PB 013
PB015-RB015 PB015-RB015

Wood - Home

Rovere Sand Rovere Sand
Rovere Nero Rovere Nero
Rovere Moka Rovere Moka


No finish available

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