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Turner Table is the newly born art piece of our Luxury HOME Collection. When Classicism touches Dynamism, Turner Table appears in our Home Collection.

Turner Table is freely inspired by the first works of the British painter William Turner. Its ribbed decoration is called “Canneté”, meaning a particular decorative technique characterized by a series of narrow repetitive grooves, which is created by means of different production processes and the use of specifically chosen material combinations.

Today, the world of fashion, design, art and architecture continue to re-imagine and re-invent “Cannettato” or “Ribbed” in original forms, drawing inspiration from the past and creating items that are both unique and “recognisable” thanks to this distinctive timeless style. Turner Table is certainly one of the new classicism object we are proud to present among the Canneté products.

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Contemporary Luxury Style

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Materials and Finishes

Lacquered glossy and matt

Metallic prosecco Metallic prosecco
Metallic light grey Metallic light grey
Metallic gold Metallic gold
Metallic gianduia Metallic gianduia
Metallic dark grey Metallic dark grey
Metallic bronze Metallic bronze
Marsala Marsala
Vulcano Vulcano
Viola Viola
Tortora Tortora
Smoke Smoke
Rosso Ekalea Rosso Ekalea
Rosso Carminio Rosso Carminio
Prugna Prugna
Powder Powder
Petrolio Petrolio
Pearl Pearl
Nero Nero
Navy Navy
Mint Mint
Cobalto Cobalto
Malva Malva
Lino Lino
Lilla Lilla
Grigio Medio Grigio Medio
Ghiaccio Ghiaccio
Forest Forest
Cioccolato Cioccolato
Cemento Cemento
Cappuccino Cappuccino
Brown Brown
Bianco Bianco
Beige Beige
Avorio Avorio
Avio Avio
Antracite Antracite


Mistic Brown Mistic Brown
Bardiglio Nuvolato Bardiglio Nuvolato
Lasa Fantastico Lasa Fantastico
Nero Marquinia Nero Marquinia
Nero Assoluto Nero Assoluto
Emperador Light Emperador Light
Emperador Dark Emperador Dark
Calacatta Oro Calacatta Oro
Bianco Statuario Bianco Statuario
Bianco Carrara Bianco Carrara

Wood - Home

Rovere Sand Rovere Sand
Rovere Nero Rovere Nero
Rovere Moka Rovere Moka

Metallic finishes on wood

Antiqued gold woods finish Antiqued gold woods finish
Bronze woods finish Bronze woods finish

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